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The digital tavern where to doth convene and harken back to Uncle Pecker’s most grandiose undertakings!

Yung Lester Pecker, Esq. Yung Lester Pecker, Esq.

Peckerwood’s Second Life Store

Visiteth Uncle Pecker’s Second Life emporium in the virtual realm or upon the digital MarketPlace. Yonder, thou shalt discover spurious digital likenesses of contrivances crafted, utilized, or stumbled upon by the good Uncle Pecker! Behold the enigmatic creatures with whom he forged companionship and the adversaries he valiantly contended against in the era of the Grand Exile! ‘Tis indeed a spectacle that shalt not be missed!

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The Cyberstar Chronicles


Peruse the chronicles of Uncle Pecker in his Web Journal, wherein thou shalt be bedazzled by tales that commence with his formative years in the quaint hamlet of Siltwood, and progress through his ceaseless quest for the ever-evasive Cyberstar. Delight in his moments of grandeur amidst the epoch known as the Great Banishment, and be astounded by the profundity of his intellect and the effulgence of his inventiveness whilst engrossed in myriad commercial enterprises.